Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Winter House

The Winter House by Dee Weaver

I came across this book in a Facebook group dedicated to historical and timeslip fiction. It sounded interesting so I bought it for Kindle ages ago but only just got round to reading it. So many books and so little time.

Maidservant Lily Brent was murdered in the house, over a century ago. Her ghost lives there still, despite the house having stood empty for 40 years. Fynn McColl, a property developer, has bought it, fallen in love with it, and wants to restore it to live in. But Lily sees the reincarnation of the man who murdered her in Fynn, and wants revenge. Meanwhile Georgia, a local vet, has also fallen in love with the house and then falls for Fynn too. She's sceptical about ghosts but as strange things happen in the house she has to revise her opinion, and quickly.

This book is really well written and edited, and was an enjoyable fast-paced read. I felt at the end things had become too weird, too many ghostly activities, and although you have to suspend disbelief when reading a ghost story, this book pushed that suspension a bit too far. I prefer subtler ghosts I think!

But for lovers of ghostly horror, this one is definitely recommended.

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