Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Ghost House

The Ghost House by Helen Phifer 

I heard about this book at the RNA Summer Party, and briefly met the author there. The book appealed very much - timeslip, ghostly houses etc - as it's got elements in common with my novels. So I bought it after the party. I've since been offered a two-book deal from the same publisher so Helen and I are stablemates now, as it were!

I very much enjoyed this book. Annie Graham is a police community support officer, recovering from having been badly beaten by her abusive husband. She's looking after her brother's house, which is set in the grounds of a spooky deserted mansion. Something bad happened there a long time ago. Annie comes across an old diary, and also begins experiencing ghosts of the past. A girl's gone missing and to solve the current day problem, Annie must solve the mysteries of the past.

Really gripping book, with loads of suspense and twists and turns aplenty. Very much enjoyed it. It's one of a series featuring the same main character, so I'll definitely have to read the next one too.

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