Sunday, 23 June 2013

Trust In Me

Trust In Me by Suzanna Ross

Bought for my Kindle, was it on free promotion that day? Possibly, not sure! Anyway, I'd read some of Suzanna's short stories from her collection The Baby of the Family, and found I really enjoyed her style, so I wanted to read something longer from the same author. Plus she's a blogging and facebook friend anyway.

Rosie Farnham has been struggling to keep her father's old estate going since his death, while also looking after her much younger sister, and trying to keep her brother's hands off the finances. Then she finds her brother has sold the estate out from under her, to pay off gambling debts. The new owner, dishy Theo, turns up wanting her to move out. But she won't go, so he moves in, finding her not unattractive when it comes down to it...

This is a lovely, easy to read, sweet romance. It ends predictably but satisfyingly, and there are enough twists and turns along the way to keep you turning the pages. Lovely little book.

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