Sunday, 23 June 2013

And Did Those Feet

And Did Those Feet by Charlie Connollly

The sub-title is, Walking through 2000 years of British and Irish history, but you'd guess what it's about from the title and the automatic next line that jumps into your head, 'in ancient times'.

I bought this because a friend recommended another of Connolly's books, and when I went searching for it there was an offer where you could get three of his books at a discount, and they all sounded marvellous. I love a bit of narrative non-fiction, especially if it's history based. And I love walking too, so this one was first off the pile when it arrived.

The author has retraced the footsteps of some of the great historical journeys made in Britain and Ireland. Boudicca's walk from Norfolk to London to try to chase out the Romans. King Harold's march from the battle of Stamford Bridge where he'd seen off the Vikings, down to Hastings where he was defeated by the Normans. Bonnie Prince Charlie's flight across the western isles, dressed as a maid. The book is informative, amusing and extremely well written. I lapped up every word of it and am very glad I have two more by this author still to savour.

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