Saturday, 11 May 2013

How To Write

How To Write by Harry Bingham

Came across this when my own How To book was doing well and in the top 20 for writers' books. I had a little browse through the competition, as it were. Liked the sound of Harry's books, and as I'd already corresponded with him when he sent me something for my other blog, I thought I'd give this book a go.

Am so glad I did! It's superbly written in a relaxed, easy to read style. It contains fabulous advice which manages to teach and inspire at the same time. The book is structured from the inside out - starts by looking at sentences - what makes a great sentence, what's overwritten. It comes up outwards from there, so the chapters on structure and theme are further on. I liked this - so often How To books do it the other way round.

Highly recommended if you're a writer and you like How To books, or if you feel you need to learn a bit more about the craft. And who doesn't?

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