Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bella's Vineyard

Bella's Vineyard by Sally Quilford

I've never read a Western before but Sally had included the first chapter of this book in her soon-to-be-published How To book, Love Craft, which I was beta-reading for her. And it had me hooked so I rushed off to buy it to read the whole thing.

As you'd expect from a Sally Q book, the plot tumbles along at a page-turning pace. I read the whole book on a train journey and it was just the right length. Feisty heroine Bella inherits a vineyard in 1860s California, and has to contend with a weak-willed brother, local distrust, and a lawless neighbour who wants her land. Luckily there's the gorgeous new sheriff, Vance, to look after her...

Very much enjoyed this book.

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