Saturday, 11 February 2012

How To Do Everything And Be Happy

How to do everything and be happy by Peter Jones

I met Peter at a novelists' conference last weekend, and bought this book direct from him. My husband likes self-help books. Not sure I've ever read one before - but I loved this one. It's written in a cheerful, engaging style. There are lots of great ideas for ways to improve your life - from having days off, where you don't plan anything and just go with the flow (Peter calls them Boxing Days for reasons explained in the book); to keeping lists of things you want to do, goals you want to achieve. Then he explains how to make time (book appointments with yourself in your diary) to do those things and progress those goals.

He's preaching to the converted here - I discovered the value of setting goals (or resolutions) a few years ago, and enjoy nothing more than a pottering-about weekend. But even so, following the book's advice I've set up a Now List memo on my phone, and am having next Friday as a 'Boxing Day'...

This is the perfect book (available as a paperback or ebook) if you have a vague 'is that it?' feeling about your life, and want to do more and be more. Thoroughly recommended, and the author is a very nice chap indeed.

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