Thursday, 16 February 2012

Getting It Off My Chest

Getting It Off My Chest by Janice Day

Another book bought after meeting the author at the Dunford novelists' conference. It's a cancer memoir. Aged 39 Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Over the following years she had several more operations, lost seven stone and a husband, and reinvented herself. Along the way she refused chemotherapy in case it upset her children, but survived nonetheless.

This book is sad, funny, honest and wise. At times I laughed out loud - the author has a side line as a stand-up comedienne and it shows! Woke him indoors reading it last night - he was asleep beside me and although I tried to keep quiet, the bed shook rather a lot...

If you're a bit squeamish beware - there are some detailed descriptions of how a breast can be reconstructed using unwanted tummy fat; and you'll be crossing your legs tightly when you find out where the surgeons get suitable flesh to make a new nipple.

Brilliantly written, an engaging read and whether or not you've suffered from cancer I'd recommend this book. At the end you feel uplifted and full of respect for a warm, brave and witty woman.

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