Monday, 21 November 2011

Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas by Cally Taylor

Cally's second book, and it's a romantic comedy corker.

Beth works in a quirky independent cinema in Brighton (closely based on the real life Duke of York's cinema, which was a favourite haunt of mine when I was a student in Brighton back in the dark ages). Her boyfriend dumps her, right when she was on the point of telling him she loved him. A large cinema chain are trying to take over the Picturebox, led by handsome Matt. Beth falls for Matt, Matt falls for Beth, but circumstances keep getting in the way, and poor Beth has to go through several tortuously embarrassing situations before everything works out happily.

The novel is genuinely funny in places, and had me blinking back the tears in other places. The prose is as sparkly as the cover. I raced through this one. It's exactly what you expect from a chick lit rom com book, and I can highly recommend it.

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