Friday, 11 November 2011

A Collector of Hearts

A Collector of Hearts by Sally Quilford

Second book read on my Kindle! This book was previously published as a My Weekly pocket novel. It romps along in Sally's excellent bouncy style, and is hard to put down.

Caroline is companion to retired actress Mrs Oakengate. When they attend a Halloween house party strange things start to happen, and Caroline is haunted by the ghost (or is it?) of Cassandra, a witch who collected her lovers' hearts in a jar. Nothing is quite what it seems, least of all the sexy last-minute arrival Blake Laurenson who Caroline finds herself falling in love with.

I think Kindles are perfect for novellas and short story anthologies, and all those hard to publish formats. I'll definitely read more of this kind of thing - in fact I've another of Sally's already downloaded.

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