Thursday, 18 March 2010

Just finished

The Wave Theory of Angels - Alison MacLeod.

I bought this one after quoting on my other blog from Alison's essay in Short Circuit. I Googled her to find out what sort of thing she wrote, and liked the sound of this book.

What a mix! 13th century Christian philosophy (are there 9 realms of angels or 10?); 21st century String theory (how many dimensions do you need for a Grand Unified Theory, 10, or 11?) Daughter Christina of heretic wood carver Giles in 13th century France falls into an unexplained coma. The cathedral towers come crashing down. Daughter Christina of physicist Giles Carver falls into an unexplained coma. The twin towers come crashing down.

It's not a novel which can easily be summarised. It's very clever; in places perhaps a little too clever for me (kept hearing that whooshing noise concepts make as they went over my head); but I do like a bit of modern physics. The connectedness of all things. Couldn't put it down once I got into it.

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