Monday, 29 March 2010

Bit of biography

Just read Alistair Duncan's The Norwood Author. It's a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle, covering the few years he spent living in Norwood. During this time he wrote several Sherlock Holmes stories including the notorious one where he kills off his hero.

I bought this one following reading an interview with the author on Helen Hunt's blog, and reading her review of the book on Bookersatz. A pleasant enough quick read, though I expect appeals more to diehard Sherlockians more than to me. I was hoping for a little more social history, I guess, as I'm fascinated by Victorian times. There were bits of it, but not enough to really grab me. Nice little book though, and well illustrated.


  1. I posted an interview with Alistair Duncan on my author blog which has just appeared on the Crime Time website:
    It's a small world!

  2. WomagWriter - I'm sorry that it didn't grab you. It's a shame but, as you observed, it is probably better suited to Sherlockians/Doyleans.

    If you would like to ask me any questions on it we could do another interview (I rather enjoy them).