Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Diamonds and Dust

Diamonds and Dust: A Victorian murder mystery by Carol Hedges

Carol's a recent facebook and twitter friend, so I decided to check out her book, and liked the sound of it very much. I wasn't disappointed - this is a great read. It's told using an unusual omniscient narrator viewpoint - we swoop in on characters, watch them for a while, then swoop off somewhere else over the rooftops of grimy Victorian London.

A gruesome murder is the starting point - leaving Josephine King alone in the world but inheriting her uncle's fortune, and his secrets, which she must try to unravel. Detectives are also trying to find out who committed the murder, but the only clues are pointing them towards an answer which surely cannot be the right one...

Beautifully written, funny in places, full of wonderful characters including the minor ones, and absolutely well worth reading.

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