Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The War of the Wives

The War of the Wives by Tamar Cohen

Lent to me by my neighbour, who was interviewed by the author as part of the research for this book. Say no more!

Simon Busfield has been found dead in unusual circumstances, though the police initially assume it's a suicide. His wife Selina is at the funeral along with her teenage and adult children, when his other wife, Lottie turns up with her teenage daughter. Simon's been leading a double life - partly in London with Selina and partly in Dubai, later also London, with Lottie, for the last twenty years.

The story is told in alternating first person sections, from Selina and Lottie's POV. Each go through the classic stages of grief - denial, rage, depression, acceptance. As events unfold it seems Simon wasn't as wealthy as Selina at least assumed, and was involved in some shady business deals - could he have been murdered?

There are all sorts of twists and turns and plot developments in this book. It's beautifully written - the two women have very different voices. I was totally caught up in it and could not put it down. Definitely recommended.

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