Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Read on holiday

Take My Breath Away by Sally Quilford
I had a signed paper copy of this, kindly sent by Sally. Actress Patty is playing Cleopatra, and her ex-husband is murdered while on set. Two other people connected with the film are also murdered, in ways resembling the ways their characters died in the film. Patty becomes prime suspect, but ends up helping insurance investigator Tony Marcus in working out who did it - and falling in love along the way.

As with every Sally Q novel this one twists and turns and keeps you guessing in a very entertaining way. I don't know the classic Cleopatra film, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of this pocket novel.

Foxden Acres by Madalyn Morgan
A Kindle read. Set during the second world war, this book follows Bess Dudley as she completes her teacher training but then returns to the country estate where her father works, to be part of the Land Army. She's fallen in love with James, the heir to the estate, but events conspire to keep them apart.

An enjoyable read, very evocative of its era and I particularly liked the focus on the land girls, which I've not read about before. I believe the author is going to write a series of these, about each of Bess's sisters, and I imagine they'll do very well.

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