Sunday, 3 February 2013


ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer

Now that I'm getting more serious about running and am trying to increase my distance, I liked the sound of a book which promised to teach me how to run further, faster for less effort while removing the chance of injury. I have dodgy knees and will do anything to protect them while still allowing myself to be as active as possible.

The basis of ChiRunning is to develop a running technique which uses core muscles and lessens the stresses on your legs, knees and ankles. Essentially, you lean forward (from the ankles not the waist) while running, land on the mid-foot and never heel strike, and stretch out your stride behind you (by leaning further forward) to increase your pace. It all makes perfect sense.

There's a lot in here about being in touch with your centre, applying Tai Chi techniques, and knowing your own body etc. I glossed over the more hippy elements, but on the whole the book makes a lot of sense and I have begun trying out the techniques. Yes, I think it works, so far!

The book's style is very American which can be irritating to us Brits after a while, but is certainly worth reading if you're a runner or would like to run, especially if you are prone to injury.

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