Monday, 26 March 2012

Tickling the English

Tickling the English by Dara O'Briain

We spent a weekend with friends a couple of weeks ago, and watched a DVD of one of Dara O'Briain's live shows. It was hilarious. The next day I spotted this book on their bookcase and began reading it, and they allowed me to bring it home to finish it.

The book is Dara's observations on the English, told through the lens of his 2009 comedy tour (actually, the same tour the DVD we watched was from). For each place he visits, he gives a bit of history, a few highlights of the show, and some general observations about the English.

Being married to an Irishman, I've heard many of these before - eg how come England feels its ok to mess with county borders whereas Ireland's have been fixed for 500 years? Why is it the British are at their happiest when they've got something to complain about?

It's laugh out loud funny in places, deeply thoughtful in other places. And leaves you making a resolution to go and see him next time he tours anywhere near.

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