Saturday, 21 January 2012

Before She Was Mine

Before She Was Mine by Kate Long

Another brilliant Kate Long book.

Freya was adopted as a baby but as an adult got in contact with her birth mum. Since then she's been juggling adoptive mum Liv, who is a down to earth environmentalist, and birth mum Melody who is vibrant and bohemian, acting as though she's still a teenager. Freya herself feels as though she doesn't really fit in with either mum and at the age of 23 doesn't really know where she's going in life. When Liv gets cancer and Melody gets pregnant, both mums need to lean on their daughter for support, and Freya is pulled in several directions. Add to this her best friend is marrying a man Freya fancies, and then the wedding falls through, and Freya's disastrous on-off relationship with her loser boyfriend and she's got loads to deal with.

As always with Kate's books I felt I really got to know all the characters well. The little details she sprinkles throughout make you feel you're living the plot along with them. The voice of Freya is particularly strong. There's humour mixed in with the heartache too. The ending is lovely, but slightly open which makes me wonder whether a sequel is possible...

An excellent book, currently only out in hardback but I think the paperback is due in March 2012. Definitely highly recommended.

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